我们大多数人都可以就2020年的一个主要目标达成共识:创造生活 simpler and easier.  Behavioral economists have proven that the best financial decisions are those that are pre-considered 和 then AUTOMATED. If your bills get deducted on auto-pay, you are never late with a bill. Your credit score goes up. You never pay late fees.   如果您的401(k)高额供款在30年内自动从您的薪水中扣除,您将在退休时成为百万富翁。今天我们’ll概述如何让您的钱像注油机一样运转–one where you get PAID to own your 投资s, 和 you prevent life surprises from turning into financial emergencies! You’今天要去爱’的节目“掌握金钱”正在播出!!!