甚至在武汉电晕虫到来之前,我们所有人都希望在某个时候市场有所改正, and boy, did we get one!   您可以说COVID 19错误通过 自我诱发的昏迷。从来没有像这样的事情发生过。 但是聪明的投资者’等待着下一次撞车。他们现在正在设置更明智的金融分拆计划,以保护自己的退休金免受损失,同时利用市场复苏的机会。他们’re setting themselves up to share in the upside of markets without a cap, while staying liquid 和 flexible enough to handle emergencies 和 providing themselves with lifetime guaranteed income. We’我会仔细检查怎么办 it. Then health insurance 和 medicare expert Shelley Grandidge joins us for advice on new health insurance programs with no decuctibles. You don’t want to miss today’s show…掌握更多资金!!