调查显示,美国人很想再次旅行。事实上,  Americans will travel 这个 阵亡将士纪念日的周末,比去年增加了近5%,是十几年来的最高水平。  As lockdowns ease, destinations are coming up with solutions to comply with social-distancing and disinfection rules. Here are some measures in the works.An amusement park with no lines? A beachfront resort without swimming pools? Those scenarios could unfold 这个 summer as hotels, amusement parks, casinos and other tourist attractions reconfigure for a post-pandemic world. 在冠状病毒锁定期间停滞不前之后,价值9万亿美元的美元 全球旅游业正在适应  to an era that 取缔人群。今天在掌握资金方面,我们’将为您的下一个假期检查最安全,最有趣的目的地,并从顶级旅游专家Ruby Kelly获得帮助。有趣而及时的表演给你听’不想错过,MASTERING MONEY播出!!!

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