你应该多久一次–还是您雇用的人来管理您的投资-是买卖您所拥有的股票?  Here’思考:每次卖出股票时,都会有人认为 you’错了。实际上,数学很简单: one of 您 MUST be wrong and time will tell.  Who buys a stock when 您 sell it? SOMEONE has to, and to them what 您 are selling is a bargain.  Are they fools? Actually, most stocks are bought 通过 very large very smart institutions. The price they pay 您 is the price they believe will make THEM money. Today, we’ll take a look at just WHO buys most stocks that individuals sell, and it may surprise 您. Then 史蒂夫 will layout a strategy for avoiding emotional decisions with 您r money.  An important show for 您 today, 掌握更多资金!!!