苹果–the company– has been one of the most prolific success stories on Wall Street for more than three decades. 苹果, the stock, has created a lot of wealth for those who bought early and simply hung on. 苹果 first sold shares to the public on Dec. 12, 1980, at $22 per share. The stock has split four times . A $10,000 投资 in 苹果 in 1980, would put your value right now at about $7.2 million dollars. So, is 苹果 all done building millionaires? Well think about it– There are now over ONE BILLION iphone owners who are buying or subscribing to 苹果’s other products and services. 苹果 has a ten to twenty five year vision for many NEW devices, wearables, services, accessories, credit cards, finance, and more. Today, we’ll investigate exactly what makes 苹果 tick, and whether or not it will keep on ticking. You don’t want to miss today’的特别财富展示….MASTERING MONEY正在播出!!!