今天,在掌握金钱方面,我们’重新做一些事实检查。我们都知道 COVID 19 很讨厌,我们谁也不想得到它。我们被告知  that over 5 million cases of 新冠肺炎 have been reported, with more expected as testing continues. 所有消息来源都证实但很少公开的是,其中许多病例都是无症状的,已经康复,   or like a mild to moderate case of the flu, and most dangerous for those with co-morbidity conditions like heart disease, diabetes, or COPD. The troubling issue is that deaths being reported could be skewed, with too much attribution to 新冠肺炎. Did you know that hospitals get paid three to six times more for a COVID patient than a pneumonia or influenza patient. The USA Today fact check may shock you. You don’t want to miss today’s show…掌握更多资金!!!