本选举年即将成为 craziest ever! 甚至有传言说乔·拜登(Joe Biden)不参加竞选’t win, 邮件中还有数百万的最新选票。没有人知道谁会赢,很自然地感觉到您的退休投资就像玩弄小提琴一样。 被恐惧冻结 about what-to-do with your 401k or rollover IRA 完全有道理。但 you can’保持恐惧。你没有’不要因为没有计划而让生活变得如此漫长 taking action. If you are stressed right now 关于 the long term SAFETY of your money and where you will get enough income with bond rates so low, the cart somehow got in front of the horse. Your strategy has a hole in in it.  And if you don’t fix it, you may never feel at ease 关于 where you are going with your money. Well today, we’re here to fix it with common sense solutions that 您可以 take to the bank. It’s all 关于 YOU and YOUR retirement…MASTERING MONEY  is on the air!!