1.政府应享权利计划(社会保障和医疗保险)…2.个人储蓄和投资…and  3. ..雇主赞助的设定受益计划,例如 pensions. 过去,退休人员通常可以依靠 ALL three sources for retirement income roughly divided into thirds. With this traditional scenario, both the government 和 employer-sponsored plans were considered 可预测的,可靠的收入来源 也可以根据通货膨胀进行调整。因此,您制定了退休计划的三分之二。个人的责任只有三分之一。今天, TWO thirds of the responsibility is yours, 和 the other leg–Social Security–螺丝有点松动。今天我们’ll examine how COVID 19 may affect your 社会保障, 和 then 医疗保险specialist SHELLEY GRANDIDGE joins us for a show you don’t want to miss! 掌握更多资金!!!