天气变化如何影响商品和所有商品的价格 我们买?可能超出您的想象。如果你不是’t aware, we’我主要经历了“El Niño” weather conditions for the past ten years. 厄尔尼诺 is characterized 通过 warmer ocean temperatures which affect weather patterns around the world. It has nothing to do with climate change, but rather is a natural result of the massive swirling of warmer and cooler ocean waters,  导致气压变化。这里’s the problem: 厄尔尼诺’姐姐拉尼娜(LaNiña)情绪低落。她带来凉爽的海水温度,……。她已经正式抵达。  La Niña, in fact,  《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)表示,在已经动荡的大宗商品市场,农业正在动摇。我们’今天为您准备了引人入胜的《日刊》报告,然后是Medicare专家 Shelley Grandidge joins us…掌握更多资金!!!