是个“Santa Claus rally”是真的吗?这是否适用于2020年这样的疯狂疯狂时期?在投资世界中,大多数年份结束时股市表现的上升通常被称为“Santa Claus”集会,通常为投资者带来欢乐的收益。通常后面跟着所谓的“January Effect.” 但是圣诞老人会拜访吗 THIS year, 如果有的话,有多少“goodies” will leave us? There are numerous explanations for the causes of a 圣诞老人集会 including estate tax considerations, a general feeling of optimism on Wall Street because the Fed is keeping rates low, and the investing of holiday bonuses. But are the stars lining up this year? We have a full report for you today, and then Health Insurance expert Shelley Grandidge joins us. A fact filled and entertaining show you don’t want to miss…掌握更多资金!!!