固定年金(FIA)属于固定年金类别,它提供了根据市场指数的变动而在各个时期之间计入利息的各种方法。这个时期可以每年一次。 FIA是与保险公司签订的绩效合同。它们不是投资,不直接参与股票或债券市场,而是利益收集工具。它们是为满足退休收入的长期需求而设计的保险产品,并且为本金和贷记利息的损失提供担保。

FIAs also offer the reassurance of a death benefit for your beneficiaries. In years when the market index is negative, a fixed index annuity reflects a zero interest rate for that period. That would be true no matter which type of crediting strategy is chosen, capped or 不封顶. In years where the applicable index has a positive movement upward, the consumer may receive an interest rate that reflects a share of the index movement, reduced in some way by either a cap, a margin spread, or a participation rate. A combination may also occur.

较新版本的固定指数年金可能会提供较低的波动率指数“uncapped” index crediting strategies. The term 不封顶 does not mean unlimited. Typically a margin will apply, meaning the consumer does not receive the margin amount, but then may receive, as interest, the rest of the increase without a cap. Back casting of indexes is meant only to assist in understanding and gauging how interest might be credited. The consumer has a choice between fixed guaranteed level strategies, and those with the potential for higher levels of interest. As with all financial products and indexes, past performance is neither predictive nor a guarantee of future results.


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